50 thoughts on “A maior mudança nos jogos está acontecendo agora…

  1. Digital is just a huge loss for consumers.
    – Game is tied to your account. Account gets banned or disabled you also lose your game.
    – You cant resell the game. I dont know about you guys, but buying physical games is so much cheaper, specially if you sell it after playing.
    – You can lend the game to friends.
    – If Sony or Xbox goes down, you lose your game.

    I think its really sad and scary.

  2. Weird video. There seems to be a narrative from the companies trying to push for that desired digital future , when they can control the selling of the games at their will, saving on packaging and distribution, selling on demand as opposed to manufacturing for projected sales. Corporations want to make as much money as they can, and ending physical sales would be a great way to cut costs. However, this video seems to be going on a weird direction. The Capcom graphic indicates they got 'expanded sales from a *massive expansion*', and the 91.5% specifically refers to MH Sunbreak, which is DLC, that's mostly available for purchase digitally. So saying that there's been an overall increase in digital sales while using DLC as an example seems weird to me. Mentioning the Xbox case as an example is also the obvious, but also not the best example, as yes, they have a device that only uses digital, while also pushing a digital subscription service. That doesn't necessarily mean people are moving toward an all digital future, but xbox users with a xbsx and subscription definitely are. Then the Nintendo part implies that Nintendo games require to download a portion of the game, and that's never been the case. There are, to my knowledge, no Nintendo developed games that require to download a portion of the game. That's not including updates, patches or additional content. Can't say the same for certain about games that are developed by third parties and published by Nintendo, though I recall none. There are, however, many third party games published for the switch that are massive and require to download part or most of the game. But that's not Nintendo as you say, it's third parties. And the example is NBA, a game not developed nor published by Nintendo. And before anyone says it's in reference to the switch, no, clearly said, Nintendo.
    We need to also appreciate the contradiction here. The video seems to kind of push for a digital future misinforming about digital sales percentages for DLC as overall sales, while promoting physical games fr companies that are thriving on a specific market, that of people who still want physical games. It'll be a sad day when games in physical form are only available from companies like limited run, that only produce a handful of games.

  3. Form factor has a lot to do with this. The switch has sold me on digital only. But I am not a fan of the current trend of models actively pushed by game pass for example. Sure its nice, you get hundreds of games for a small monthly fee. But you don't really have all the hours of the day to play those, so how good it is comes down to wether they keep up the good offers in games and price when we finally transition. We already have a taste of what could be in the music arena.

  4. Guys… PC games have been like that for years. It's doing fine. A little bit monopolistic *cough Steam cough* Our physical copy is a piece of paper with a code lol. I do understand the problems such as "I don't have an ISP" or "I can't afford it." or 😿 urban gamers who's ISP is almost always absolute dog s*** RIP my heart goes out to you. Unfortunately that is not the developers' responsibility, and imo that's more a political/governmental/community problem of not pushing for better internet speeds.

    I think the biggest problem is Games as a Service.

  5. Digital makes too much sense versus physical. Save the planet lol There will still be waste, but we should minimize it when we can. Coming from someone with 15Mb internet on a good day.

  6. I dropped out of caring about modern gaming a long time ago, u new gamers have fun with not owning anything.
    after the Ps3 generation ended I saw where things were heading a while ago, these days now I game more on the Private servers for the PS2, PS3, lan tunneling like xlink kia to even care about what's going down right now

  7. I still buy 95% physical. But I have to admit, it would really be convenient to just have digital games. No swapping games. And especially something like the switch where you might want all your games on the system.

  8. Call me optimistic, but I don't think we'll have an all digital future. Sure companies make more money off digital sales, but you think about music/movie streaming services which are now mostly digital, you can still go into shops and buy physical copies of new movies/albums. I think as long as there's a market for physical games, there'll always be physical games.

  9. You will own nothing and be happy.
    The day I cannot buy a console that plays physical games is the day I stop collecting. If I stop collecting, I’ll stop modern gaming too. If I were to play a modern game, in a time when there’s no physical games, and thusly little reason to own console as the games all go to PC anyway, I’d just play that game on PC. I won’t buy a game if it isn’t on the disk in any real capacity. This is an awful future dumbass gamers are making for themselves, building a whip for your own back imo. I still don’t have a PS5 or Xbox series X, abs every day they become LESS compelling!! How does that work!? I probably WILL NOT buy 10th generation systems.

    Sucks that I may have to go back to PC gaming, I may just only game retrospectively at that point. Steam/Valve is an awful institution, as is Microsoft Windows.

  10. For all digital I don't trust the consoles, however I've been all digital on Steam (PC) for ages. The major issues for me are backwards compatibility and price. I can pick up a new PC and replay my first Steam purchase. Sales on Steam are frequent, cover many games, and usually at a larger discount. Considering can get a Steam Deck for around the price of current generation consoles, I think the consoles would be more worried about Steam entering the console space than Steam worrying about consoles entering the all digital space.

  11. I have to jump over to the same train as others, the problem with the digital media is not losing the ability to have a disc, but ownership over the game. This is where we need a full restructure of digital media ownership. I have no idea how, call it NFT's, Unique Digital ID, i dont know, but we need something that would let us have ownership over a digital asset, otherwise, you will own nothing, and i am not fond of paying for game services, i want to own the games i WANT and LOVE. I dont want a lease of a game, and have to play them in whatever time span a company decides it will be available.
    For example, i own severl retro consoles, and i am still playing my games over and over because i like them. If this goes on, i am sure future generations wont be able to enjoy this games the same way. And i am even more afraid of the next step, cloud gaming, where we won't be able to even have the thing installed in the machine, in which point, say goodbye to game preservation.

  12. Yeah, I don't know. I don't think this is good for gamers as it takes away choice. I also think the cost difference may be a wash because I will buy fewer games and nothing at full price with occasional exceptions. I don't agree that this is inevitable although it certainly seems probable. Also, when and if games go all digital, I wonder about ISPs and subsequent data limits. Are game companies going to start subsidizing our internet costs?

  13. A lot of companies have been delaying physical games recently too, some coming months after their digital release. Intentionally?
    If the next Nintendo console is digital only, I will not be buying it. I'm not quitting games, like you mention in the video, but will happily play a decade or two worth of older ones. Even collectors editions and Limited Run would be gone if there is no game slot.

    Digital games and consoles have no place on my collection shelves.
    Thankfully here in the UK the Switch is still selling big physical numbers and is the highest seller of all entertainment.

  14. I hope Nintendo keeps falling being regarding gaming trends, and they keep selling physical games when everyone else goes digital. I don't know, a 100% digital future is something I don't want to be a part of

  15. Well of course companies want to go 100% digital if their profit is significantly more for each digital copy sold.
    But that's the thing right there! We customers shouldn't pay the same price physical vs digital if their profits are different! If they sold digital for a bit less, each copy would return the exact same profit. It's backwards, instead of having folks pay a but extra for physical, they are ripping off those that buy digital!

  16. I don’t want to see an all digital console generation however I don’t really play very many games anymore. I play Scrabble , Jackbox, Use Your words and sometimes Call of Duty . I have played so many video games in my life. It may be time to retire my consoles . Who am I kidding I am not going to quit gaming. I may not play games a lot going forward but the ps6 will most likely be on my radar.

  17. You're right, I won't stop playing games once they're only available digitally… But I definitely won't be buying at full price as I would with a physical release.

    Sure, with the big games like a new Zelda or Mario, probably, bit everything else? In ok waiting for sales. To me, there's just less value in digital media, so why pay the full price?

  18. When everything is digital on my part, the purchase of games will be reduced to a minimum since I cannot resell it, I will probably watch a broadcast of the game on twich to evaluate if I buy it, otherwise I will be wasting money on games that are not good or at least they are not worth the price they ask for, on the other hand the games will never go down in price they can be kept on the server with a fixed price indefinitely and if they go down in price it is because they have not sold well or they are bad games, in the end you will have to be very careful when buying the game, it will be a total disgrace only digital but life goes on you just have to be more picky when buying games

  19. The generation that completely moves to digital is when I'll be done with modern consoles, and will stick to building my collection of older physical titles.

  20. When it goes all digital, I'll only buy DRM-free on PC and then turn around, play the backlog, and then buy up all the older games I missed from systems with physical copies and of course the mountain of physical PC games from the 2000s and before. There's a lot to play.

  21. I purchase mainly digital due to physical storage reasons, but physical releases have a place and they must stay. If we go all digital, there must be consumer protection laws put in place.

  22. Okay here’s my opinion/thoughts whatever. If it’s going to become digital only soon, those prices for games better 🤬 drop. If it’s cheaper for them not including a disc drive and not making physical games, it better be cheaper for us. If they’re saving money we customer gamers better be. Not all stores sell the physical copies for each console. Not sure if there’s a PlayStation of America or Xbox of America (same for other countries or regions), but for physical Nintendo games the Nintendo store in NY better have all the physical copies. Besides that I think it should move towards the center of America because who would go from the West Coast all the way to the East. Or besides that store in NY make one somewhere west and somewhere in the middle of the nation. Don’t have to make it as big, and same with Sony and Microsoft. This is why I’m happy I’ve kept my Physical Games. Even some TCG’s are digital like Pokémon, but what are those digital cards worth? Physical 💪 over ddddiigigiigggiiittttaaaal 🤖☁️. Poof it’s long gone. 15 years later: “Well I spent how much there, and can’t play that online anymore.” Might have to go retro and try consoles and games I haven’t played.

  23. I dont understand why people say their games are "taken away" or "gone forever" if their digital purchase is no longer downloadable.

    as long as your downloaded game is still in your system you can still play the game. its not like you need to constantly verify your purchase thru the internet, in most cases…

    if you are afraid of storage failure causing you to lose your games its almost the same as worrying about your disc getting scratched or your cartridge rusting out… or your floppy getting mold 😉 the difference is as long as the servers are still up and you remember your password you can redownload. if you snapped your disc in half you are out of luck, unless you somehow made backups, which is the next point…

    Then there is this whole "preservation" talk. dude you are already prevented to make backup copies of your physical games, as all current system removable media cannot be copied, at least not easily. your harddrive or sd card however CAN be backed up easily, it just wont work on a different system.

    so in the end i think physical is more likely to be lost in most usual cases, and digital is more robust. you can still download your purchased wiiware ffs.

  24. Yeah let them try to go all digital see how their sales start to decrease. They will take your digital purchases and lock you out from them at any moment. It's already happened many of times.

  25. Maybe I won't stop playing games but I will say right now that it's gonna take A LOT to get me buy a console with no disc drive. To this day I don't think I've ever purchased a digital game for the full $60. Right now they're still releasing games for the PS4 so I expect the same thing to happen with the PS5. Won't have to think about this until I'm an old man.

  26. Games should be cheaper if it all goes digital just my opinion. They are saving money at that point on there end. That means Game stop will have no money coming in as well except for consoles.

  27. I’m old school and still like the physical media and after the recent issues with digital games not working I prefer to keep the physical media…also, I use my console media drive for Blu-ray/DVD playback so prefer they just leave media drive in the console

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