32 thoughts on “A ENORME Nova Atualização de Halloween… A NOVA ATUALIZAÇÃO DO GTA Online! (Nova atualização do GTA5)

  1. What do you think of the FINAL WEEK of Rockstar's new GTA Online Halloween Event for 2022? They brought all old and new Halloween content back into the game and we have quite a few vehicles on discount to check out in tomorrow's buyers guide!

  2. Hi,
    Just to be Curious…. on a Comment I made on a Recent Video [RdR] I Recieved a Reply about being a Winner, of a PS5, and Extras, I've not seen any Recent Clips Stating this, I've made Screenshots, and send them to your Messenger[Facebook] just incase someone is Taking Advantage, if you get Time, check your Messenger….
    Love the RDR/Gta Clips

  3. Fun fact: If you eat the special plant and turn into an animal, your clone slasher will be the exact same animal as you! I was a dog and got attacked by a clone dog with a flash light lol

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