24 thoughts on “Transmissão ao vivo completa Dia 3 | 2022 Rogue Invitational

  1. THANK GOD FOR ALL THE CROSSFIT GIRLS WHO WEAR SHORTS SO SHORT AND TIGHT. My god I love it. While Laura is over there staring at a wall I would just be staring at them buttholes the whole time. Good god is it even legal to have your shorts so tight that your vagina is eating them up?

  2. Rogue Invitational is great but man the coverage misses the mark sometimes in big ways. Key events, races etc getting missed just to linger on someone staring at a barbell…

  3. Not a hater by any means but crossfit not helping itself when they say they want allrounded athletes and give titles like 'worlds fittest' when major competitions being won by someone unable to do more than one HSPU per 5 mins. It does handout the ammunition for ridicule. Good to watch though.

  4. So hateful toward the innocent russian people to remove their flag. its disgraceful! Crossfit is acting as an political organization.. just sad.. Fitness is for EVERYONE!

  5. These commentators are so brain dead. Being shocked that maxime is good at WOB. Never seen him in throwing for height events huh? Why don’t they have people who understand strongman (like they did during the strongman comp) commentate? It’s bizarre to have a snapped up CrossFit dork talking about things they know absolutely nothing about.

  6. Noah Olsen…let's be real, he is interactions with the crowd are far from natural. So cringe to watch his forced/staged engagement with the crowd. It stinks of being super needy (like waving to the crowd mid-workout, its not natural) and forced. Forced to support the character he thinks he needs to be, not who he really is. Surely it isn't just me who sees it? Super awkward, reminds me of one of those annoying characters in a comedy film, the one everyone hates. Be more natural Noah….drop the cheese!

  7. I would really love for the workout breakdown to be shown on screen 5 or more times throughout the event. For those just tuning in they would be lost. Its hard to get engaged if you have no idea whats going on

  8. So dumb, handstand push-ups! Stay weird and drive away the mainstream audience. Literally nobody thinks ‘handstand anything’ is a measure of fitness. Please stop!

  9. can we not watch Laura stare at a wall while everyone else was actually working out? And completely missing Kara win the final event was quite a disappointment. Not sure why media team thinks all we want to watch is the top spot. Get it together.

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