44 thoughts on “Comprei a PIOR configuração de jogos da Amazon 😬

  1. Hi Austin or someone Hiii umm can someone help me out here sooo I’m use the hp 600 g1 sff with gtx 1650 and i7 4790 and my pci express port broke and bought a new one and it’s was saying error I was miss somthing from system32 and automatic repairing going to blue screen and soo I redid window and it fix… but I am getting performance issues now I wasn’t getting performance issues on my last windows. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP idk if my HDD going bad or ram cause ram made the blue screen happen but when I redid window it fix idkk please help

  2. Why is the beat on this video harder than most the beats on youtube these days lol

    Edit: The ad read section coincidentally enough. Lol good tactic cause it made me listen to the whole read.

  3. Im new to pc building and can someone tell me if this build can run apex and overwatch well?
    Cpu intel i5 11400
    Gpu Amd Radeon Rx 6600 XT
    32Gb Ram
    Asus Prime Motherboard
    1 TB Ssd

  4. I use a vertical mouse because of wrist pain I've developed from gaming. I only use a normal mouse now when I play games. Much easier on my wrist and makes playing games more enjoyable since I have far less pain.

  5. I use a vertical mouse, not through choice but because it's the only style mouse that doesn't cause my carpel tunnel to become more aggressive. Think of gamers that may need these things Austin……..naughty boy.

  6. That dual camera makes sense for video conferencing and if it was better quality with higher FPS and resolution it could even be a good starter for a 2 person podcast.

  7. 16GB not 60!eeeeeeerrrrrrrr.And your video that that little toaster had 60 gig of RAM which prompted me to look the Little Toaster op didn't think it had 60 it has 16 which sounds very sad.

  8. I actually have that same keyboard… however, when I bought it off Amazon for £45 it was listed as a mechanical red switch… I then went to clean it and started pulling the keys off where I found a membrane keyboard. I went onto Amazon to dispute it and they removed the listing

  9. It might want would be kind of a bad idea to by stuff from China…?? They have a kind of sort of bad habit of undercutting and also corruption on every level from the company to the upper echelons of the top tear government. Every dollar spent goes to their military and that could be a bad thing for the one true Asian culture country of Tiawan and eventually the US and the rest of the West 🙂 Buy Japanese or Tiawan stuff, they have much honor.

    Yes, I long worded the heck out of that to sound like I was dancing around the sour subject.😀

  10. By mere coincidence I got that cmtek usb mic wayyyy before for zoom. It has served its purpose and still performs well as long as I don’t put my mouth and talk right up against the mic.

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