45 thoughts on “Tia serve os papéis do divórcio de Cory, Jaya dorme com Lil’ Baby 1st night, Lala Anthony, Kanye West BANNED

  1. Maybe this is Kanye's strategy of getting out of his contracts, so that he can be his own boss, and not let Gap and Adidas have "ownership" over him, his designs, his business, etc. He gets to start over with a "clean" slate, a free agent, sole owner of the empire that he's tryna build (again). It's a messed up way of going about it, but that way he doesn't get fined or sued for breaking contract, if they voluntarily rescind his contract.

  2. How do you deny charity support knowing
    Damn well y'all ain't doing anything to stop poverty and homelessness. And y'all think Kanye is bad lmao go back to sleep.

  3. Gigi
    Sorry but as a black woman you shouldn't be celebrating a black man's downfall for trying to state the obvious to us. You should be holding him down. What they did to him should be scaring you.

  4. Gigi I'm loving this live fr, from they would accept Satan as long as he makes good music 🎶 to you can't expect to have allies and not be of service and defense to others, and if you're relationship is so loving we deserve to see the whole picture including the ugly all facts. 1st hour full of gems. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Finally Kanye getting what he deserved and I don't feel bad for him now he always screaming white power now look what the whites doing to him taking all his power away

  6. I’m glad she served him and didn’t wait around . Good for her. He’s a dummy. He thought the grass was greener on the other side. He shouldn’t get support if he cheated period. You don’t think him distancing himself from these companies won’t benefit him. He will have his own control now. Good Will keeps the good stuff that’s gets donated then they sell the rest of it . They are shady too. They are charging for stuff you can find on clearance at others stores that’s brand new.

  7. GG you are important to YouTube, to party crashers too, we love you so much darling. Detroit in the building, God bless you and your family. Good to have you back.😄💕💕💕💕

  8. I noticed you were missing, had me worried that someone flagged your channel. I’ve noticed that black women that give news and speak out about the Dusties in the community are getting shut down by Nakers. They are even coming for their followers! Be careful auntie and always have a backup channel cuz these Nakers are something else!

  9. Mmmm I don't think he cheated cause he commented a heart under a comment she made on a post at the same time of the divorce so it seems like it's all amicable.

  10. Kanye is the 🐐 and I'm happy he said what he said because finally some blind dingbats will see the industry for what it is how much other ppl have done and said things worst than Kanye and they still standing tall y'all still buying their brands those white fake ppl will only use us for their gain as soon as shit don't match their agenda they want to cancel somebody I'm glad yeezys will not be in goodwill me and a homeless person should not be rocking the same things point blank period. .

  11. Naw stop we need stop dragging Cory because this man miss a lot opportunities because of her. He don’t eat red meat and she know that upfront but come to happy medium. I feel like sometimes Cory do feel left out because in Mowry household all about there family but what about his family. He has bo parent but her got 2 brother why his brother can’t be to the house like her friend f that. Tia fuck around he had take on chin she fuck Mase got fight with Brandy get facts straight.

  12. Please don't kind Ye or anyone while they are down! Not cool! As Black folks, Anyone of us could be in his situation! Don't follow the group!
    Still a fan of yours, but please try to to be so cruel!

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