28 thoughts on “Top 20 celebridades que perderam na TV ao vivo

  1. You guys really tried your best to twist the Afleck thing to make him look good and Mahr and Harris look bad… the guy was rood raging in misrepresenting and misunderstanding what they were saying.

  2. Money and celebrity status allows you to act like an idiot so i dont care for any of them. Let them eat cake cuz a fool has no dignity when he opens his mouth.

  3. Bill Maher is such a arrogant douche. I can't stand him.
    Although, he did put Brian in his place, and that was well deserved. (Family Guy)

  4. I just watch these just to get the names, so I can just skip to the actual clips and skip the crap editing and commentary.
    "Dunk on"?
    Sam Jackson showed himself to be a sensative little chump, who only plays Tuff Guys in Hollywood.
    Mayweather got Skooled and sounded like English was his 4th language.
    Ben Affleck? Lol
    I can't watch anymore, but is this broad's thing to just say The Opposite of what actually occurs?

  5. Sam didn't "lose it" OR "freakout", Watchmojo…Let's do some research…
    Also, sure wish WatchMojo didn't talk over all the interviews…I understand it's a countdown, but damn…
    You REALLY added something from Love And Hip Hop? That fake trash?

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