32 thoughts on “Top 10 melhores programas de TV para assistir agora! 2022

  1. The Boys is a modern masterpiece minus all the uncalled for nudity and stuff. In recent years I don't remember seeing a show that good and political I love it, with that Oscar worthy Anthony Starr acting ofc

  2. Here are my top 12 shows
    Comment down below your favorites

    Mind your Language
    The Vampire Diaries
    The Originals
    Never Have I Ever
    End of the Fucking World
    Charmed 19s
    Sex Education

  3. Severance is one of the best shows of all time imo. You definitely have to watch to the end even if you feel like not finishing, it’s one of the best finales I have ever seen

  4. The Terminal List is the best this year, Chris Pratt with no nonsense but a hardcore Navy SEAL against the bureaucracy. Other shows like "Better Saul Call" debut some years ago.

  5. I recommend the terminal list for war vets,it's the most accurate TV series I have ever seen when it comes to the culture in the military,and the room clearing is so good,it made me cry.

  6. While these are all great shows how about some shows that are more realistic like an auto mechanic that rips people off week after week a dishonest HVAC company a mortuary that sells body parts online financial advisors that steal clients money a fast food restaurant where angry employees adulterate food orders colluding real estate agents that rip clients off companies that sell worthless supplements and testosterone products seems shows like these would be quite interesting to which the viewer could relate

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