25 thoughts on “CALEIDOSCÓPIO | Trailer oficial | Netflix

  1. This is a complete dissapointment to all the heist movies and series ever. The idea of watching them in disorder is pure marketing, it is imposible to understand whats going on if you start from the the of the heist. Not even watching them in order it makes sense. The actings are terribly bad except drom the main actor. I trully see how it is just a cheap copy of Money Heist. Please dont waste your time trying to watch and understand because it is dissapointing

  2. Bout GAT GAYUM time “Gus” (Giancarlo Esposito) got his own series! He was so good in breaking bad. Seriously though, I just watched ‘Violet’ as the first episode and searched YouTube, just, to show some love for Giancarlo. Didn’t even know his real name until now. Can’t wait to see more. So far, he’s phenomenal as expected. Peace!

  3. Spoiler alert….

    The show started it out great first few episodes were amazing I watched according to the recommended order. The idea that you can watch the episodes in any order is pretty cool although I don’t think it was very accurate as some of the episodes in the end i was thinking if I started with these I would be so lost. Now with that said the last half of the episodes was extremely disappointing as they didn’t actually succeed to do shit and everyone we cared about dies and he doesn’t really get to face roger we never saw that except in prison we didn’t get to see when roger finds out it’s him doing this. The show could’ve been much better but it was very disappointing in my opinion. Wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. This show was so poorly executed and written. The plot was great but the execution was amateurish at best. Bad acting. Really bad.

    I can guarantee an amateur film producer and actors could have done a better job with 1/10000th the budget.

  5. A lot people didn’t like this show for a variety of reasons especially since it’s a tragedy, but the last episode of the father and daughter scene is what literally brought me to tears and made me appreciate the show’s writing. In conclusion, we don’t live in a perfect world and there won’t always be happy and clear endings. The decisions we make in life have consequences despite our intentions. Sooner or later life will make that difficult decision and outgrow you which is what “she” did for Leo. He had many opportunities to change, but he didn’t though the love between them was so strong 😢

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  7. The claim that you can watch this in any order is really just a gimmick to sell views. It makes more sense when you follow them in order. It’s actually not even an interesting or clever show. I promise you if you have seen heist movies before or heist series before this is really no different.

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