24 thoughts on “Give Us Barabbas! (1961)

  1. WOW WOW WOW I thought this movie was going to be lame. I loved the other Barabbas movies too, but towards the middle/end: 55:55 and on ARE AMAZING. THE SCRIPT IS AMAZING. loved this take. AND I MEAN ALL THE WAY TILL THE END. the lessons you can learn from this movie are well worth the watch.

  2. A wonderful story, I am still surprised by this character Barabbas, I always saw him in a different perspective as the thief, the deceiver, but this film tells me that he was not the regular criminal. actually he was someone who grew in the old Palestine under Roman occupation and a survivor of terrible times, wow. Thank you

  3. We were studying about him in our home-grou[p Bible study tonight (by Zoom!, by the way.) A. Quinn's movie is not free, but this one was on. Poor video from an ancient TV movie (Hallmark.) But J. Daly was great. Very likely could have happened this way. Excellent movie.

  4. why is the english version in un watchable quality ??? and all the spanish versions 720 ????? anyone have a link to a good english version ?

  5. Yesterday after BIBLE CLASS, I thought I had some kind of revelation, when I nearly passed out with Joy and Love for Christ.  It was amazing and memorable until our minister, William Stenson, told me, “This pleasure always happens when I’m able to give you a super blowjob orgasm and you slam your cock down my throat”.   “Such is the Glorgy of God!!” Mr. Stenson added.

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