50 thoughts on “40 Yesterday's Enemies

  1. (I promise I'm really trying to concentrate on the story .. but every time he puts a cigar to his lips … well … I'm weak, I know …)

  2. Danger Man was a good series that we used to watch on Lebanese TV dubbed in French! It is to be noted that the so-called "Lebanese" appearing in this episode are anything but…even the newspaper that's been exchanged between the two spies looks to be Egyptian!

  3. Mc Gohan will have been a perfect James Bond . This movie actually is like a James bond and Mc Gohan is John Drake but in fact he could have been James bond he is the best and would have been the best James Bond.. I love his style he is cool, charming and has all the style of James Bond

  4. OMG THAT'S JOAN HICKSON !! (the talkative play-producing lady) OF MISS MARPLE FAME!! Her voice is incredibly distinctive … What a lark!

  5. I was glad the traitorous rat got what he deserved. Now they not only get let go, they get top private sector jobs where they continue to sell us out in style. Back then…end of story and the system worked. Small wonder everything is so much in decline everywhere now.

  6. Watched this as a kid along with “The Man from UNCLE.” I wanted to be Patrick McGoowan when I grew up. Loved “The Prisoner” and the women in both shows were the crushes we 60s schoolboy had.

  7. This episode was among the best of this show. Some of the cast here would work on The Prisoner. The dark ambiguous enemy would also be part of The Prisoner. Superbe…

  8. Yesterday's Enemies was the first episode of Danger Man as an hour-long program. I think the extended format substantially improved the quality of an already superb show. The intricate well-crafted plots and sophisticated dialog would often suffer from getting crowded into a brief 25 minutes.

  9. *Those Were The Days*
    Gasoline was 35¢ per gallon, Saudi Arabia did as it was told, Nikita Khrushchev & the Cold War gave us a common enemy, and the USA was King of the World! Back then, JFK was President, climate change didn't exist, and you could buy a new VW bug for $1000. Good old days…RIP

  10. Brilliant episode and whole series. I would rather watch this series rather than current programs. Great actor, and supporting cast. He should have been the second actor to play James Bond. Love the theme song, too.

  11. I consider this episode essential to the buildup to Drake's resignation, as suggested by the opening of "The Prisoner" series. Expediency is starting to over-rule ethics.

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