34 thoughts on “1918 Modelo 66 Pierce Arrow – Garagem de Jay Leno

  1. My favorite episode. Having Pat Craig on explaining the ownership and history of the vehicle along with the humor was just great. That engine for 1918, the torque was impressive. That is what is so great about this show. Never knew these vehicles existed. Thanks Jay.

  2. Its quite impressive how Jay Lenno doesnt want to engage in a conversation with the former owner…its almost as if hes annoyed with the guys presence…He doesnt even look at his eyes when they shook hands, dont know why…

  3. WoW, original unrestored. 😁👍 I love the fact that Jay brings the last century even the vernacular into the present. Road hugging weight, is my favorite. 🤭🤦

  4. Jay, are there any other autos you're looking to add to your collection ? I'm aware of a 1935 Pierce-Arrow for sale. Not nearly like this 1918 Model, but it only has 3200 miles (in fantastic condition), and is an original car.

  5. Man that motor is a monster. The largest passenger car engine ever, still unbeaten since 1918!?! it's funny, the automobile has come so far in 100 years. But at the same time, in some ways we don't go nearly as far anymore.

  6. Jay is a type of guy who loves all types of cars. From steam to electric to internal combustion he never has anything negetive about any tech. From tata nano to buggati veron. He appreciates all cars! & That's what i love about him.

  7. It's amazing with how Jay's Pierce Arrow is in such nice, original shape given how old it is and being a car with no roof. Many of these antique cars would end up being stored away by the previous owner and can end up being like Jay's Mercedes gullwing, which was in mostly nice shape, and others like Jay's Duesenberg town car that was in really bad shape.

  8. Of course I've heard of Pierce arrows but never knew anything about them. What a humongous engine! My one question is is why the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car in an American vehicle?

  9. My Grandfather, Harold R. Brashear, owned a used car store, completely in a multistoried building in San Francisco. He dealt in Pierces, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Packards, Peerlesses, etc. Cars rode an elevator to the upper floors. I think it was on Van Ness…

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